Rise of the Runelords!

In your home country of Varisia, four adventurers travelling north from Magnimar to Riddleport stop at a sleepy village on the coast for rest. The innkeeper at the Rusty Dragon, an attractive Tianese named Ameiko, invites the travellers to stay for the Swallowtail Festival the next day, which was set up in celebration of the new Chapel’s construction. “All the villagers will be there”, she explains, “and the inns provide the best food and ale free of charge to all participants”.

Hi, I’m Mike (aka Magic Karl), and this is my Rise of the Runelords campaign. I’m looking for some players, preferably with some knowledge of how the game is played, but not yet “veterans”. I have a few interested people, but I want a full 4 person party who can commit to a weekly evening game (UK time). I’m looking more to recruit role-players than “Character Sheet Engineers”, and you must be willing to make some concessions on build options (I’ll explain below). We will be playing over the Roll20 website (it’s a free online tabletop which is very easy to use) and if it works, Skype, so no need to worry about travel times, just avoid watching the Simpsons in the background and we’ll be fine.

Personal rules:
-Advanced races are restricted. To better suit the tone, I don’t allow races outside of core with a few exceptions. If an Oread walks into a town, regardless of intentions it’ll just throw off the NPCs.
-Any printed class or archetype allowed. If it’s in the Core Rules, Advanced PG or Ultimate Combat/Magic, I’ll allow it.
-Leadership. No, you can’t have this feat.

So, apologies for that damper there, but I hope to hear back from some people soon if you’re still interested!

Karl's Rise of the Runelords (Recruiting, Online via Roll20)